Trace on your tablet or touchscreen

iPad is a lightbox

Use your ipad or tablet as a portable lightbox to trace images or sheets.

Open an image from your iPad and use a real pencil.

open lightbox

Easily disable touch on your table when you want to trace. Save time with perspective and proportions so you can focus on drawing.

Lightbox Tracing Tips

Filters for High Visibility

Filters show contrast which reveal different areas of your source photo. Totate through effects brings out ranges of highlights and shadows.

Many artists use systems of projectors and light tables to transfer images since the Renaissance. The art comes not from the tracing but the lines the artist makes. A traced image can be boring. Use it as a guide and work the drawing in lightbox mode away from the reference material. And another piece of paper on top of your drawing and start again loosely.


About this Design Tool

Concept and design by Jeremy Taylor. Also, check out color palettes and action cam video editor.


How do I disabled touch input on my iPad? What is a real pencil?


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